Schuyler County Fair 2012

If you know me then you know that the Schuyler County Fair is one of my most favorite things.  I moved to Rushville when I was 9 and had never seen anything like it.  The rides, the people, the sinfully delicious foods, exciting events, it was all new and I loved it.  The two things I enjoyed the most were the Demolition Derby and the Queen Pageant.  Dodging mud clods and loud engines was the ultimate thrill for my nine-year old self and as most little girls can attest, walking that ramp with a glistening crown and a dozen roses looked so glamorous and I wanted to do it too.  Eleven years later I got my chance but I still get that same feeling as I did when I was a girl when I watch a new queen wave with a beautiful smile to a grandstand full of Schuyler County folks.  Now I live miles away, but I always make sure to come back to the Schuyler County Fair.  I wouldn’t miss it for the world.

Here are a few highlights from the July 2nd Talent Show and Pageant.  More photos can be viewed and downloaded here

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