8.26.12 Jason + Erin

Erin and Jason were married at the Legacy Theatre in Springfield.  Jason’s mother, Tammi, was part of a group that worked hard to save and restore the old theatre.  She was fun to watch as she rushed back and forth between getting her hair and makeup done and putting the finishing touches on the lighting.  Erin is a stylist as were many of her bridesmaids.  I had never seen a bride have an entire team of stylists and makeup artists all just working away.  It was in awe watching them work their magic.

I have known Erin since she was a young girl, so I have had the privilege of watching her grow into a beautiful young woman.  I couldn’t help but be deeply moved as she slipped on her layered white gown.  I have seen a lot of weddings, and I admit there hasn’t been a one where I didn’t well up as the bride walked down the aisle or when she held her father’s hand as she stepped onto the dance floor but this day was different.  On more than one occasion I found myself having to compose myself so I could keep working (tears make it difficult to see through a viewfinder!).  It wasn’t hard to tell how incredibly happy Erin and Jason were and how lucky they both considered themselves to be.  They spent their wedding day surrounded by families who love them both dearly and were so proud to be able to witness their new life together begin.  Congratulations Erin and Jason, we wish you both the very best.

Ceremony – Legacy Theatre, Springfield IL

Reception – The Jester’s Club, Springfield IL

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